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ScreenSafe software prevents Distracted Driving Laptop Accidents

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ScreenSafe - Laptop Software

ScreenSafe Software for Laptops - Prevents Distracted Driving AccidentsScreenSafe is a Windows based software application that utilizes your laptopís integrated GPS signal (or an external GPS antenna) to monitor and disable the laptop in your vehicle when the vehicle movement exceeds the limit set by the Fleet Manager. ScreenSafe is easy to install, very secure and complies with all State and Municipal "Distracted Driver" Laws

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Customizable Setting

ScreenSafe has several settings which can be configured to comply with your company's specific requirements. You can set the Disable Speed as well as the Maximum vehicle speed before an alert is created. ScreenSafe is the Most Customizable application available for managing and eliminating Laptop Distracted Driving concerns.

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Global Manager

Global Manager enables the Fleet Manager to view historical reports on vehicle activity and use. Detailed reports on Speed Limit violations as well as vehicle use and trip reports are available. Some of the more popular Reports & Alerts include:   

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