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Why Should You Purchase ScreenSafe


Why should your company invest in ScreenSafe installations on all field or mobile laptops you currently or will use in the future? Although the answer to this question can be numerous and varied, here are the Top Reasons:

Great Value – ScreenSafe is the most Affordable, Customizable, and Feature Rich “Distracted Driving” prevention application available, period. For less than a dollar a day you can ensure compliance of your companies driving policies and ensure your fleet vehicles comply with all Distracted Driving laws.

State Laws Require ScreenSafe – 13 states have laws restricting the drivers use of an electronic device to send and receive electronic information.  California and Illinois state laws now require any laptop in the front seat viewable by the driver to be powered off or have a "Screen Disabling" application installed. ScreenSafe, by Mobile PC Manager, allows compliance with State Distracted Driving laws. The liability of having a "Company Issued" laptop accessible to the driver is increasing.  Unfortunately there already have been fatalities and serious injuries which resulted from the driver trying to operate a computer while driving.

Fuel Savings  – With ScreenSafe you can ensure 100% of you vehicles drive at or below the companies' Maximum Speed Limit.  You can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 65 mph is like paying an additional $0.24 per gallon for gas.  If you have just 20 vehicles in your fleet that exceed this limit by 10 MPH for an average of 3 hours per day....  That's $29 per day wasted or $7,500 each year.  If you have 50 drivers with a lead foot now we're talking almost $20,000.   But without ScreenSafe, you may never know what compliance or non-compliance you have....


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Safe Driving = Fewer Accidents – ScreenSafe will reduce the likelihood of a driver being distracted by trying to operate a motor vehicle and laptop computer at the same time. If a driver traveling at 60 MPH (88 ft./sec.) looks at a laptop screen for just 3 seconds the vehicle will travel over 250 feet (about 15 car lengths) without the driver being aware of potential hazards.

Insurance Savings – Fewer accidents lead to lower insurance premiums, but that could be minor compared to potential savings from lawsuits. The ability to “prove” a potential accident was not a result of driver negligence by being distracted with an onboard computer could prevent significant financial loss. A single liability accident could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Increases Company Driving Compliance – Not only will ScreenSafe function as an application to reduce “Distracted Driving”, but ScreenSafe also monitors Vehicle Speed. ScreenSafe can alert a Fleet Manager each time a vehicle travels faster than the company Maximum Speed Limit. This will not only reduce the risk of accidents, but save gas and lower insurance rates.

Track Vehicle Operation Time – The Global Manager feature of ScreenSafe will report the time vehicle begins moving each day as well as when the vehicle stops moving for the day. This feature could be beneficial in confirming an employee's reported hours. A company could easily compare reported hours and ScreenSafe’s vehicle movement reports for tracking of computer location and activity.

Customizable – While the Standard Default version of ScreenSafe provide extensive customization, the Global Manager Version provides for Unlimited Grouping and Customization.  A company can either use the default configuration settings or create extensive ScreenSafe profiles for each Department or Group of vehicles in the fleet.

Historical Reporting – The Web Reports and Alerts available in the Global Manager will provide the Fleet Manager with extensive historical information on vehicle activity and company policy compliance.  Historical data could also prove invaluable as evidence in a liability dispute involving company vehicles.

Secure – The ScreenSafe application can be configured by the Fleet Manager remotely and the Fleet Manager can verify the current configuration has been installed on the laptop. The vehicle operator cannot change any configuration settings.  The Fleet Manager is the only individual with access to view activity reports, historical violations and apply new Configuration Changes to the drivers ScreenSafe application.

Real Time Alerts – ScreenSafe's Global Manager has the ability to report alerts provided the vehicle computer has continuous access to the internet. ScreenSafe will notify our Web Server of any Policy Violations and those alerts can be easily viewed by the Fleet Manager.

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