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State Distracted Driving Laws

In recent years electronic devices has had a dramatic impact affecting motor vehicle safety. Routine use and increased portability of electronic devices has demanded the attention of state legislators. Listed below are some Distracted Driving laws organized by each state.

State Distracted Driving Laws
State Ban

Handheld Cell Calls
Teen Cell Phone Use
Distracted Driving Laws Collects Statistical Data Distracted Driving Study
Alaska X
Arkansas   X
California X X X X
Colorado X
Connecticut X X X X X
Delaware X X
District of Columbia X X X X X
Florida X X
Hawaii X
Illinois X X
Iowa X
Kansas X
Louisiana X X X X
Maine X
Maryland X X
Massachusetts X
Michigan X
Minnesota  X X X
Mississippi X X
Montana X
Nebraska X X
Nevada X
New Hampshire X
New Jersey X X X X X
New Mexico X
New York X X X
North Carolina X X X
Oklahoma X
Oregon X X
Pennsylvania X
Rhode Island X
Tennessee X X
Texas X X
Utah X X
Virginia X X X
Washington X X X
West Virginia X
Wyoming X
Total 11 6 22 4 25 9
CLICK HERE for notifications to Distracted Driving Law changes in your state.

*Because of ongoing changes please contract your local government for complete information

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