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Why Purchase Software Maintenance


  • We are constantly listening to our customers and looking for ways to improve our products. Many of our New Features and Enhancements were suggested by our customers.  While the current version, in our humble opinion, is FANTASTIC; we don't want you to miss out on the new features we are working of for the future releases.  We are committed to excellence and constant improvement. Mobile PC Manager offers customers the opportunity to purchase an annual Software Maintenance License to ensure that they ALWAYS have the "Latest & Greatest" version. For less than the cost of a single gallon of gas per month you can have Software Maintenance for your ScreenSafe application that gives you:



    Free Upgrades: Enrollees receive at no additional cost, all Software Version Releases during the Software Maintenance Period. These will include not only software patches & fixes, but also enhancements and new features.

    - Free email and Telephone Support: Subscribers to our Software Maintenance will receive online phone and email support during the Software Maintenance Period.
    - ScreenSafe Beta Program Participation: ScreenSafe customers who participate in the Beta Program will have the opportunity to view pre-release software. Many customers believe this alone is worth the cost of the software maintenance as they are able to communicate directly with the ScreenSafe Development Team and lobby for the Development Team to modify the application to include a feature or functionality that their company needs. It's almost like getting custom development for less than $2 a month.

    Some recent Maintenance Upgrades provided to our customers include:

    February, 2009 v2.5 Added ability to Limit and monitor "Maximum Speed" of Drivers
    March, 2009 v2.6 Added "Worm Hole" Tracking & Reporting
    March, 2009 v2.7 Addition of Global Manager Web Reports & Alerts capability
    April, 2009 v2.8 Added support for Metric System of measurement
    May, 2009 v2.9 Added ability for Fleet Manager to edit the "My Profile" Page
    June, 2009 v2.10 Addition Additional Standard and Global Manager Reports
    July, 2009 v2.11 Addition of Geo-Fencing & Absolute Lockout on GPS removal option

    e-mail us your suggestion for a New Feature to be Added . . . .

    If for some reason there was an oversight and you did not purchase the Annual Software Maintenance when you ordered ScreenSafe, please contact the sales team at Mobile PC Manager and ask them to activate you software maintenance. The Mobile PC Manager sales team can be reached at: Sales@MobilePCManager.com.

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