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Installation FAQ

Installation -  Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I install my ScreenSafe license on multiple computers?

A. No, the ScreenSafe License will only activate on and protect one computer. You will need to purchase a separate license for each computer.

Q. Does the computer need to be connected to the internet?

A. ScreenSafe provides an automated License Activation function if your computer is connected to the internet. If you computer does not have internet access you will need to install the License Key Manually.

Q. How do I access the configuration screen to change the Configuration Settings?

A. Only the Fleet Manager has access to change the ScreenSafe Configuration Settings.

Q. I cannot locate my install CD, where can I get the Install Software?

A. As a Licensed User you may log into the Customer Area and download the Install Software, visit:

Q. I need to reformat my computer, how do I reinstall ScreenSafe?

A. You will need to contact Support@MobilePCManager.com and provide your Customer ID to request a "License Key Reset".

Q. I purchased 5 ScreenSafe licenses and now realize I need more, can I add licenses to my current account?

A. Yes, contact Sales@MobilePCManager.com or your Preferred ScreenSafe Reseller for information on how to purchase additional licenses for your account.


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